Roses are red, the Helpful Honda Guys wear blue, and the SoCal Honda Dealers helped spread love by playing helpful cupids for you.

The SoCal Honda Dealers continued to spread Random Acts of Helpfulness during the Valentine’s Day holiday by giving away thousands of roses all over the southland. The helpful blue cupids visited elders at senior citizen centers, volunteers at non-profit organizations, students of all ages, speed daters at the LA Union Station, couples tying the knot at court houses, singles, as well as families all across Southern California!

From Universal City, Los Angeles, and Santa Monica to Long Beach, Riverside, Santa Ana and Westminster, the Guys in Blue were able to give and share helpful tokens of love on this special day. Staff members working with senior citizens were so touched by our efforts, stating, “What you guys are doing today is amazing! Bringing hope and happiness to our seniors and to us, the staff. What a lovely, compassionate thing to do!”

The Guys in Blue also helped break the ice for singles at the 2nd Annual Los Angeles Union Station Speed Dating Event, by greeting speed daters with red roses that could be given to their potential dates. “If I get lucky, I’ll give this to my date.  If not, I still go home with a rose!” The Guys in Blue made sure travelers also felt special by greeting passengers with complimentary roses, and for another who was headed to see his girlfriend, the gift was a money saver: “Now I got a rose for my girl and I still have money to buy dinner!”

For those who shared the day with a loved one — “Oh my, thank you so much now I can give this to my girlfriend! You really did save me from a night on the couch!” – and for those who needed a Valentine’s Day pick me up —“This will likely be the only thing I get for Valentine’s Day; thanks for making me feel special!” — we were happy to help.

Spreading love across the southland is just one of many ways the SoCal Honda Dealers are being helpful. What’s next? Stop, paws, and let us help you find your new best friend. We’re spreading love to our four-legged friends by hosting Helpful Honda Pet Adoption events throughout the month of March! For a list of upcoming dates, ‘Like’ us on  and follow us on Twitter at @HelpfulHonda .