While the SoCal Honda Dealers generally love to help all Southern California residents in various ways such as by cleaning up parks, handing out sunscreen, or providing free parking for Honda drivers, this past month we wanted to especially honor people whose lives are dedicated to being helpful in their communities. For the month of September, the Helpful Team was dispatched to surprise local Fire Department Stations with lunch for those hard-working men and women whose careers are to help and protect the public.

The Guys in Blue brought sandwiches, sodas and sweets to fire stations all over Southern California, from Long Beach to Los Angeles, Temecula to Riverside, in Cathedral City, Moreno Valley, Orange County, and almost every city in between. It was great being able to give back to those who are constantly giving, and the firefighters responses mirrored our good feelings:

“Thanks so much for the food, we really appreciate it!”

“Today is our lucky day. This is so much fun being taken care of by you guys.”

Not that we need the acknowledgement, but one firefighter voiced exactly what we were aiming for:

“We are usually the ones that are giving to the community. It’s really nice to be on the receiving end of it. Thank you so much!  You Honda people are truly helpful!!

One firefighter said simply, “It’s a good day to be a fireman.”

While it started off as a way to help the helpful, we were touched in the end that we could make them feel appreciated. Our favorite feedback is as always, “I can’t believe you guys are real! I’m just floored!”

Yep! We’re real! And while it’s our job to be helpful, we truly appreciate and salute those who give back in their own communities. For volunteer opportunities in your town, visit: www.volunteermatch.org/. And for information on becoming a volunteer firefighter, visit: http://www.volunteerfirefighter.org/CA/