Did you see the “The Helpful Hunt”? It’s a scavenger hunt that kicked off during a commercial in the Big Game. SoCal residents completed the scavenger hunt and at the end nominated someone they thought deserves a brand-new Civic.


Starting in February, we’ve been surprising deserving people with keys to a brand-new Honda. Here are a few of their stories:


Beckie from Lancaster, wrote in to tell us about her daughter Kinley’s best friend, Alyssa, a college student at UC Santa Cruz. Alyssa and Kinley have been best friends since seventh grade.  During their friendship, Kinley was diagnosed with Leukemia and sadly passed away in early 2017. Before, during, and especially after Kinley’s diagnosis, Alyssa continued to support Kinley’s family in any way she could. “When Kinley got sick, the first person she called was Alyssa,” Beckie shared, “She always had her back. No matter what.” Beckie nominated Alyssa because “…she’s been an amazing friend to my daughter, and she’s been a part of our family since all this happened. She deserves this. She deserves a little happiness.”  Here is the video, capturing the heartwarming surprise when the Guys in Blue pulled up to Alyssa’s house:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RxBG4BbWRA


Another person we surprised was Heather’s boyfriend Kellen. Heather wrote in telling us that Kellen’s best friend, Mike, was in need of a kidney and without being asked, Kellen immediately went in to the doctor’s office to find out if he was a match. When he found out he was, he did the most selfless thing he could do and donated his kidney and saved his best friend’s life. Heather gathered her family, Mike’s family, and Kellen’s for a picnic in Placentia, while Kellen was still in class. Mike reflected on what this selfless act meant to him, “We’ve been friends since kindergarten. He’s been there for me through everything, and he really saved my life. I don’t know how I could ever repay him.” When Kellen arrived, he was surprised by his friends and family, and by a Helpful Honda Guy in Blue. Heather handed Kellen the keys to his brand-new Honda Civic. Through smiles and tears of joy, Kellen shared, “When I found out Mike was sick, the only thing I knew was that I wanted my best friend with me. So when I was a match, it was no question. My kidney was going to be his. And I’m so happy my best friend is still here.”

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