Teacher Appreciation in Southern California


Dedicated, passionate, caring, and helpful. No, we’re not talking about the SoCal Helpful Honda Dealers; we’re talking about the wonderful teachers of Southern California!


Teacher Appreciation Week was May 2-May 6 this year and the Guys in Blue knew we had to do something extra helpful to celebrate! Our secret planning began months ago when we sent out nomination forms to districts all over the Southland. The submissions began pouring in immediately—almost 500 deserving teachers were nominated. We carefully read through each of them and in the end, selected five winners who we felt deserved an extraordinary surprise!


Monday, May 2, started with a bang because not one, but two deserving teachers were surprised! Melinda Baer, a kindergarten teacher at Valencia Elementary School in Laguna Hills, had a special announcement waiting for her at her school’s morning assembly–the Helpful Honda team was there! We presented her with goodies for her classroom and her school’s garden and handed out a few gift cards to help out too. Later that afternoon, we “crashed” Andrea Moncayo’s classroom, a middle school tech and ELD teacher at Sandburg Elementary School in Glendora, and surprised the class with new iPads and cameras! Her colleagues had nothing but positive things to say about her, noting, “She does deserve this, she does so many things for the students, the school, the other teachers.”


On the official Teacher Appreciation Day, Tuesday, May 3rd, the Guys in Blue visited Stephen Jenkins, an SDC High School math teacher at Artesia High School in Lakewood. He was gifted a brand-new shed to store supplies, clothing, and toiletries for any of his students in need. The Helpful team traveled to Burbank on Wednesday, May 4, to surprise Ms. Hilde Garcia, a 4th-grade bilingual teacher at Walt Disney Elementary School in Burbank with an extra special passion for science. She was brought to the front of a “fire drill” before the whole school and the team ran out with equipment and supplies for the school’s new STEAM room! Her colleagues exclaimed, “She really deserves this, thanks so much for coming!” and “She hates surprises, but I know she’s going to love this one!” Last but not least, we honored Ms. Rosemary Segal, a 3rd-grade teacher at Lampton Elementary School in Norwalk.  On Thursday, May 5th, we “crashed” her classroom with new furniture, a reading nook, and supplies!


We couldn’t have done these surprises without the help of the amazing staff at each of these schools, specifically their wonderful principals, the nominators, and the loved ones of the recipients. Thank you to all the exemplary teachers across Southern California, who go above and beyond for their students every day.


Stay tuned for more exciting and helpful Acts of Randomness from the Guys in Blue. This summer might bring you some free gas and an exceptional Father’s Day celebration!


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