Have you seen and heard Helpful Honda’s TV and radio spots over the summer, capturing the reactions of real people being helped?

Since Random Acts of Helpfulness debuted, the Guys in Blue have been inviting residents to share what they need a little help with by tagging #HelpMeHonda on Twitter and Facebook.

Who have we helped? 

Deserving bride Barbara Aguilera needed help booking and paying for her favorite band to perform at her wedding. The Honda Guys showed up with the band, Grupo Afirmativo, and even stayed to serve food to wedding guests. Guests at the wedding were really surprised to see the helpfulness in action, and shared their excitement, “Thank you for making my friend’s wedding a great day for her and her family!” And Barbara couldn’t be happier, “Thank you for helping us book the music for our wedding. We were so blessed to have the Guys in Blue at our wedding.”

Helen Golden reached out to the SoCal Honda Dealers after seeing one of our commercials: “My fiancé and I were watching TV and saw a commercial of you guys helping a person move and we wondered if [Random Acts of Helpfulness] were real. We are getting married and sort of hit a bump on transporting lots of boxes from home to the wedding and setting up; Please, please, please help!” So the Guys in Blue showed up to transport items for her wedding, and even stayed to help set up. Helen’s husband, Damien, was very surprised and shared his gratitude, “I asked Helen if she thought you guys would actually come and she said, probably not!  I’m glad I asked anyway! There’s no way we could have gotten all of this accomplished in time without you!”

And when workers at Lancaster Social Services were hungry for lunch, we delivered pizzas to the staff.  We couldn’t pass up hungry students either, who were too busy studying to eat lunch, and needed a little pick me up. One of our followers Kendal, wrote: “So I tweeted the Helpful Honda Guys asking for some In-N-Out, then this gift card came in the mail. Dreams come true!”

Some of the other #HelpMeHonda requests we’ve fulfilled include:

·  Helping Riverside resident Suzanne Armas at her local National Night Out Ice Cream Social

·  Volunteering with Smiles for Seniors to help out at their Senior Bowl-a-Thon event

·  Preparing classrooms for local teachers for the first day of school

·  Purchasing a new couch for Alyssa Gale’s new apartment

·  Paying for Mia Slater’s child’s daycare for one year

·  Sending Angel Espudo a complimentary gas gift card for her first week of school

·  …and so much more!

To request a Random Act of Helpfulness, visit our page and we’ll do our best to help out.

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