Summer time means vacation, road trips, festivals and thanks to the SoCal Honda Dealers: helpfulness! This summer the Helpful Guys in Blue are surprising residents in all sorts of unexpected ways. From firework-watchers, roller-coaster-riders and SoCal festival attendees, we’re excited to help residents as they are enjoying summertime activities.

Kicking off the summer of helpful, the Honda Guys in Blue were spotted at Americafest, Los Angeles biggest Independence Day Fireworks show. Those who ‘Liked’ us on Facebook and ‘Followed’ us on Twitter were in for a special treat: the Guys in Blue had 1,500 free admission tickets to Americanist, giving one local resident a reason and a destination to celebrate the holiday:

“I was looking for something to do and when I saw that you were giving out free tickets, I knew I had to come!”

Plus a few lucky attendees were extra comfortable during the spectacular fireworks show while using the complimentary picnic blankets we passed out. Helpful, right?

Following Americafest, the Helpful Honda Guys were at Magic Mountain giving away complimentary parking to the first 200 Honda drivers arriving at the park. One brand-new Honda owner who came to enjoy rides at the Thrill Capital of the World and was surprised by the helpful gift:

“You’re kidding me? This is amazing! I bought it two days ago and it’s already paying itself off! I can’t believe it!”

And the free love for Honda owners continued with more free parking during Woodstock Weekend in Orange County. Another Honda owner was more than happy to save the extra cash and extra walking:

“I usually park in the free lot which is far away. This is my first time to park in the paid parking and you guys are paying for it. How lucky am I? Thanks Honda.”

Free parking and free admission are just some of the many ways the SoCal Honda Dealers are committed to being helpful. Rumor has it our helpful ice cream truck will make residents scream for free ice cream! Stay tuned by ‘Liking’ us on Facebook and ‘Following’ us on Twitter