This February, we helped SoCal residents tackle their student debt and surprised couples looking to tie the knot at local courthouses and chapels with free honeymoons.

The average time it takes to pay off a student debt is 21 years. So we decided to use our commercial during the Big Game to help. In our big game spot, four people had the chance to literally tackle their student debt! All they had to do was tackle our Honda mascot carrying a football displaying the the amount of their debt to the ground. At the end of the spot, we invited SoCal residents to tell us their story for a chance to have their student debt paid off too. After receiving almost 6,000 submissions from many deserving recipients, we paid the debt of more individuals.

The first recipient was Amie, a school psychologist in Lancaster who has been paying off her student loans for the last 17 years. Amie was surprised with over $8,000 to finally pay off her debt. The second was Nancy, a single mom of two, who was recently forced to take a temporary leave from work to care for her parents and children. Nancy still owed $14,200 of her student debt and we helped pay it all off. And there’s still more to come!

The helpfulness didn’t end there! On Valentine’s Day, we popped up at various courthouses and chapels around SoCal looking for lucky newlyweds to surprise with a dream honeymoon. Each couple received the complete package – complimentary travel, romantic accommodations, exciting adventures – whatever their hearts desired. One of the couples expressed how thankful they were since they weren’t even planning on having a honeymoon until we surprised them with one: We are trying to save up for a house, so a honeymoon wasn’t really an option.” Another pair of newlyweds was just stuck in total shock: “I don’t even know what to say. I might faint.”

So what’s next? In honor of Earth Day in April, we’ll be replanting native plants in burn areas affected by the recent Copper Fire. We’ll also be bringing several schools along to help, and put what they’re learning in the classroom into practice.

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