Lending a Helping Hand to Veterans with Free Gas

Gas prices are shooting up across the country, and according to ABC News, they are up more than $1.50 in California from November of last year.

Given the high gas prices and in celebration of Veteran’s Day, our Helpful Honda team knew it was time to head out to local gas stations across Southern California and surprise Vets and Honda drivers with free gas as the pumps.

While we provided Honda drivers with free gas, we also honored local veterans. Whether they were a Honda driver or not, we acknowledged the veterans and supported them for their service through gifting free gas. One individual expressed their gratitude, saying, “Thank you for taking care of the veterans for Veterans Day. We really appreciate it.”

The Helpful Guys also wanted to lend a hand heading into the Thanksgiving holiday since families spend a lot of money on food for their loved ones and don’t need to worry about gas prices too. Our team helped families save some gas money and put holiday funds back in their pockets by providing Random Acts of Helpfulness in a big, blue Free Gas Tanker truck. Our Honda team popped up all over Southern California, and one grateful individual noted, “I just got free gas this week on my way to work. Now I see you at the grocery store. You guys are all over.” From free gas to providing help at the grocery store, Honda drivers were very thankful for the support: “Our whole family drives Hondas, and this really helped us with the very tight budget we are on now. Thank you, and God bless you.”

So what’s next? Heading further into the holiday season, helpfulness and giving become more and more important. We are continuing our Random Acts of Helpfulness by surprising families with vouchers for Christmas trees, providing a homeless recovery center with a holiday meal, and surprising less fortunate families with special gifts!

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Your Helpful Southern California Honda Dealers