We recently met Harry, a homeless Marine Veteran who suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) and pancreatic cancer. He depends on his service dog, Olivia, to help manage his PTSD. Back in August, Harry lost Olivia at a park in Long Beach, and despite having a terminal illness and no funds, he walked from Long Beach to Orange County to look for her. With the urgent help and funds of the dog rescue community, Olivia was found and brought to a shelter in Long Beach, and Harry was reunited with his beloved Olivia.

Thankful for the return of Olivia, with no place to live and very little resources, Harry decided to fulfill a bigger wish while he still has time – to visit his closest family and friends in various states, to say goodbye. Upon hearing his heart-warming story and ultimate wish, the SoCal Honda Dealers stepped in to bring Harry and Olivia a true, Random Act of Helpfulness with a 30-day bus pass to travel around the country. 

Departing from Flagstaff, Arizona, Harry has already hit Kansas City, Chicago, and Dallas. Next on his list is San Antonio, New Orleans, and Philadelphia.

Who else has been surprised with a Random Act of Helpfulness? Pomona dad, Brian B.  Brian is suffering from End Renal Kidney Cancer and wanted to enjoy the LA County Fair with his family but needed a motorized scooter rental to help him get around the fairgrounds easily and comfortably.  We arranged a complimentary four-pack of tickets to the LA County Fair and use of a scooter so he could enjoy the day with his two kids.

We’ve also, responded to a tweet from Valerie to help her and other teachers set up their classrooms at Bryant Elementary for the new school semester, delivered complimentary gas cards to help families and students get to-and-from work or school, dropped off pizzas to Ashley and Curt during their lunch break, cheered up Alex who was stuck at home with a broken leg, and even surprised the hard working volunteers of the Community Action team in Long Beach.

We’re always looking for our next Random Act of Helpfulness! Send us your story and make sure to follow us on Twitter @HelpfulHonda and ‘Like’ us at Facebook.com/socalhondadealers to find out where we’ll be next.