Something Helpful, Something Blue

February is a time to celebrate love! For the sixth consecutive year the Helpful Honda Team was out surprising couples all around the Southland. A few lucky couples, swept up by the love in the air, tied the knot on Valentine’s Day where they were met with a special Random Act of Helpfulness!

We know that weddings can be costly and stressful, leaving many couples unable to afford a wedding let alone a honeymoon to celebrate the start of the rest of their lives. The Guys in Blue knew they had to set out to help! The Helpful Honda Team visited courthouses and chapels all over Southern California, including the LA County Registrar in Norwalk, the Cute Little Wedding Chapel in Long Beach, the Riverside County Clerk, and the historic Old Orange County Courthouse.

While the Guys in Blue were out spreading joy, they found six lucky couples with extraordinary stories of love. These lucky couples were surprised with a Honeymoon or Staycation of their dreams! At the Old Orange County Courthouse, the Guys in Blue heard many tales of love. One adorable couple had been together for over 6 years! They met when they did a program together to help tutor students in low-income areas. The couple could not afford to go on a Honeymoon until the Helpful Guys in the Blue stepped in and surprised them with something BLUE, their Dream Honeymoon! The blushing bride could not believe it, “Are you serious? There’s no catch? This means so much to us; you have no idea. We didn’t have anything planned; we just knew we wanted to get married today!” No need to plan when the helpful team lends a helping hand! After all, it is Our job to be helpful!

Along with the Honeymoons and Staycations, the Helpful team handed out individual red roses and bouquets to all the love-struck newlyweds they met! One excited recipient exclaimed, “Wow! This is surprising. Thank you so much. These roses are beautiful and will surely bring a smile to everyone’s faces today.” From roses to dream Honeymoons and Staycations, paid for and booked by us, the Helpful Honda Team knows everyone needs something blue on their wedding day!

Stay tuned to see how we are spreading Helpfulness this March to our favorite four-legged friends in need! We will be back with our fun pet adoption events near you!

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