May We Help Those We Appreciate


Everybody knows that April showers bring May flowers, but the Helpful Honda team set out to give a lot more than just flowers this May! The Guys in Blue wanted to show nurses and mothers some love by surprising them with pop-up spas. The Helpful Honda team popped up at select hospitals and grocery stores to provide complimentary manicures and massages! The fun didn’t stop there. With U.S. motorists driving more and the price for gas rising, expected to hit record-breaking heights this summer, the Southern California Honda Dealers wanted to also help at the pump. During Memorial Day weekend, the Guys in Blue traveled to various Mobil stations to provide free gas to Honda drivers, veterans, and active military members.


To honor nurses for Nurse’s Appreciation Day, the Helpful Honda team popped up at the Glendale Memorial Hospital and the Community Hospital of Bernardino. The Guys in Blue wanted to take a moment to appreciate all the hard work that nurses continue to put in daily. The pop-up spas pampered nurses with complimentary 15-minute massages or manicures. One nurse who had just finished her shift beamed, “Now, this is the way to end a shift!” The Helpful Honda team didn’t want nurses to leave empty-handed. They also provided goodies such as lotion, Honda “Blue-La-La” nail polish, and nail files. Other nurses shared their appreciation by saying, “I can’t believe you guys are really here… for us!” Another nurse said, “It feels great to see we’re appreciated, thank you!” The Helpful team was able to connect with and pamper over 100 nurses.


After honoring nurses, the Helpful Honda team knew the weekend celebrating hard workers was not over. If you are one to forget about a gift until the morning of, the Helpful Honda team has got you covered! The pop-up spas continued, now for all the hard-working moms out there. The Guys in Blue brought their pop-up spa fun to select Food 4 Less locations in Sherman Oaks, La Puente, and Gardena, as well as to Bower’s Museum in Santa Ana. During Mother’s Day Weekend, the Helpful team was able to treat over 200 moms to free manicures and massages. The Guys in Blue also gave fun takeaway gifts such as lotion, Honda “Blue-La-La” nail polish, and nail files. One of the best parts of the event was hearing not only from appreciative moms but also from their families. One student exclaimed, “I’m a broke college student, so you’re really helping me out here. I could never have done something like this for my mom alone.” Another excited family member said, “My surprise for my mom didn’t work out, so this is making up for it.” The Guys in Blue were happy to help on this special day!


May started by honoring nurses and moms, and what better way to end May than by honoring our veterans and active military members. The Guys in Blue set out to help at the pump this Memorial Day weekend. According to AAA, the highest average price for gas in the US is highest in California, and it’s almost 85 cents higher than the next most expensive state. With these prices, who wouldn’t want complimentary gas? If any veterans or active military members found themselves at select Mobil stations in Pasadena, Los Angeles, or Corona during Memorial Day weekend, they were in luck! More than that, the Guys in Blue also provided free gas to Honda drivers! One happy customer exclaimed, “My Honda has 200k miles on it, and I’m going to drive it until I can’t anymore!” The SoCal Helpful Honda team supplied over 500 cars with free gas. A veteran who received free gas was eager to share, “I don’t even drive a Honda, but I now know Honda respects me as a veteran. My next car is a Honda!” We were delighted to meet many veterans and active military members this weekend. For those we missed, we thank you for your service and look forward to seeing you in the future!


We hope everybody had a fantastic May, and we hope you are all looking forward to a fun-filled summer like we are! Make sure you follow the SoCal Honda Dealers on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to find out what fun things we have in store for the 4th of July and to reach out to us to ask for help.