We’ve continued to do Random Acts of Helpfulness in the New Year by helping an all deaf flag football team with new gear; treating students to a special experience at the Long Beach Aquarium; and surprising a youth hockey team with Ducks tickets.

To kick off January, we brought an all deaf flag football team new gear and equipment. The football team’s coach, Maren, asked for help by hanging her request on one of our Random Trees of Helpfulness positioned at shopping centers around SoCal during the holiday season. Maren explained that the team needed new uniforms, so we decided to help! In addition to bringing new uniforms, we also brought scrimmage jerseys, cleats, flag belts, cones, a water cooler, and we even gifted each player their own water bottle to help keep them hydrated on and off the field. Since Maren was so generous to think of her players first, we wanted to do something special for her too. To help Maren continue to help others, we made a donation in her name to the Dayle Macintosh Center, an organization that provides services to people with disabilities within the community. An overjoyed staff member was holding back her tears during the surprise as she said: “We cannot thank you enough, I am doing everything I can not to cry.”

The following day, we surprised a group of 75 5th graders from Whittier to a special Lorikeet Forest experience at the Aquarium of the Pacific. We distributed free nectar cups to the students as they explored the exhibit and were given the chance to feed nectar to the Lorikeets. Everyone including the students and chaperones were beyond grateful for the experience. One of the students even thanked us and said: “This is the best day ever! Thank you Helpful Honda guys.”

As we headed into February, we surprised a youth hockey team in Irvine with complimentary tickets to an upcoming Anaheim Ducks game! A few of the players were also chosen to be a part of the Ducks Blue Line Buddies and will receive a chance to stand alongside the Ducks players during the National Anthem. The kids were extremely excited and the coaches were so thankful: “Thank you so much. This means the world to our players and coaches.” “This is something these kids will be talking about for a long time.”

So what’s next? We will be hosting our 9th Annual Helpful Honda Pet Adoption events starting March 14th at shelters and rescue groups around SoCal to help our four-legged friends find their forever homes. In addition to matching pets with their future families we’ll also be providing free dog washes, complimentary leashes, food bowls, and doggy bags to those who visit and adopt!

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