Happy Hondaween!

Happy Hondaween from your SoCal Helpful Honda Dealers! This year, we helped families and children celebrate the season by treating everyone to complimentary pumpkins and hosting parties for children. We popped up at 24 pumpkin patches, from Santa Clarita and Irvine to Rancho Cucamonga and Corona and hosted 4 Hondaween parties across Southern California. Hooray for Halloween!

We surprised over 2,500 families with free pumpkins this month. Whether for pumpkin carving, decorating contests, or jack-o-lantern festivities, the pumpkins were put to great use! We also helped carry pumpkins to cars, wipe down barrels, and clean up pumpkin patches. One excited pumpkin picker exclaimed, “I can’t imagine Halloween without Honda!” Seeing the excited young faces of children picking out their pumpkins brightened our days, and we couldn’t be more excited to continue spreading the fun this fall.

Free pumpkins were just the start of our helpfulness this month! We also partnered with local children’s charities to host our annual Hondaween! We gathered at parks, community centers, and even a farm to host this exciting event. Each party was packed with arts and crafts, decorations, and of course, pumpkins! One excited participant said, “Wow we get to paint on these pumpkins?” And don’t forget the treats! Each child left with a Helpful Honda pumpkin pail filled with candy of all sorts. The kids had so much fun dressing up and dancing to Halloween tunes. One parent mentioned, “The fun never ends for you guys, does it?” And the answer is no! It’s our job to be helpful.

Now that October is over, and we’re entering the holiday season, look out for us bringing even more Random Acts of Helpfulness to your community! Our Holiday Treats Truck and Tree Buyouts are right around the corner! Can you or someone you know use a Random Act of Helpfulness? We’d love to hear about it here, www.socalhondadealers.com/help-me-honda. To learn more about our Helpfulness this season, please visit our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Be well,

Your SoCal Helpful Honda Dealers