What is more helpful than finding new homes for our furry friends in need? That’s what SoCal Honda thought. So, throughout the month of March the helpful Honda Guys in Blue can be spotted at local pet adoption events – with shelters and rescue partners – helping their four-legged friends find two-legged ones.

In fact, this past weekend the Guys in Blue were busy at the West LA Shelter and besides rewarding 15 (!!!) deserving animals a loving home, the team was ALSO able to help a mother and son in their search for a pet that fit in with an allergy sensitive home.

The young boy and his mother came into the shelter because he SO badly wanted a cat, a difficult wish due to his allergies. But rather than give up, he paid a visit to the shelter EVERY weekend in hopes of becoming immune to them. Needless to say, after being there this Saturday for 30 minutes, he came out with a sad look on his face.

Here is where the Team Honda sprang into action.

The team decided to look up on their handy-mini-iPad for non-allergenic cats and came across the Balinese breed, an allergy friendly cat. After sharing this information with the mother and son, they gave him some hand sanitizer and a start kit. He was all smiles and his mother was SO grateful that the Helpful Honda Team made the effort to help, renewing their faith that he can have a cat one day!

“Thank you guys so much for doing that!” She looked over at him and said, “See, now we can start looking for a Balinese cat.”

Animals AND people were helped – another successful trip for the Helpful Honda Guys. Be sure to stay tuned for more inside stories from the Team Helpful!

Looking to adopt the perfect pet AND take home the perfect pet accessories? Go to facebook.com/SoCalHondaDealers or @HelpfulHonda to view some of the many locations we’ll be at. PLUS, all adoptees will be sent home with a new collar and leash, courtesy of the SoCal Honda Dealers.