Summer Honda Helpscicles!


The Guys in Blue were back on the streets with our Helpful Honda Free Ice Cream truck this summer!


There’s always something special about how a sweet frozen treat instantly refreshes a person and can turn any summer day into a delight! Our Helpful Honda team set out to bring this delightful feeling to communities across Southern California!


The Guys in Blue embarked on a helpful adventure as we approached the warm summer months. Starting on National Ice Cream Day weekend through the end of August, the Guys in Blue made a helpful difference, one free ice cream at a time!


Making special appearances at various community parks, spreading smiles and joy every step of the way. We witnessed strangers striking up conversations while waiting in line and families taking the opportunity to picnic together in the park. One visitor at Veterans Park in Fontana stated, “It’s like you knew exactly how to make a bad day instantly better.” Another at Hollydale Regional Park in Southgate mentioned, “It’s not just about the ice cream; it’s about the thoughtfulness behind it.” Now, parks weren’t the only places we wanted to share these sweet treats!


We also decided to visit various recreation and senior centers to make the most of this summer for those of all ages. One excited member of the senior center exclaimed, “This is unbelievable. We’re actually getting a Random Act of Helpfulness from Honda!” Lastly, we visited various churches, community clubs, and learning centers across SoCal. One was the Mar Vista Boys and Girls Club, where a thankful attendee ran up to us and said, “The little blue shirt ice creams are so cute.” Another shared, “you definitely made my morning with ice cream for breakfast!”


While the Guys in Blue visited different locations to give out these special treats, the sheer surprise and happiness on the faces of children and families were priceless! Every sweet treat seemed to melt away worries and bring forth genuine smiles! Reminding us of the magic that Random Acts of Helpfulness can create.


Stay tuned for more exciting Random Acts of Helpfulness from the Guys in Blue. Look out for us celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, the back-to-school season, and much more! Make sure you follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to find out how you can reach out to ask for help.