Helpful Summer Fun!

No June gloom here, the summer of helpful fun has only just begun to bloom! During Father’s Day weekend the Southern California Helpful Honda Guys in Blue popped up with an unexpected spa treatment for dads. Lucky dads were treated to their choice of a straight razor shave or a haircut. A pampering experience that dads do not usually get to thank them for all they do year-round. One father was heard raving, “It’s so nice to see something special for Dads. People go crazy over Mother’s Day, but you rarely see special events for us.” It’s their job to be helpful and the Guys in Blue were happy to help dads feel honored too!

The Guys in Blue hosted the complimentary pop-up spas in the Southern California cities of Irvine, Carson, and Simi Valley. During the two days of father pampering fun, the Helpful Honda team was able to treat over 130 fathers to a complimentary shave or haircut. Along with the shave or haircut, dads were gifted a credit card tool kit and a travel hygiene kit to take home with them. One Dad after receiving his gifts exclaimed, “I get parting gifts too!? It feels like my birthday and Father’s Day all in one!”

The helpful summer fun didn’t stop blooming with Fathers in June. The Fourth of July weekend is a time when most people are on the road, headed to BBQs, firework shows, family outings, and more. With gas passing record-breaking heights the Guys in Blue knew where to go to help as many drivers get to their fun as they could. As the celebration of freedom rang in the air, the Helpful Honda team was back with Random Pumps of Helpfulness to thank Veterans and active military members for their service. Along with surprising Veterans and active military members, Honda drivers also received complimentary gas!

Lucky drivers who found themselves at select Mobil gas stations in the Southern California cities of Anaheim and Riverside were in for a helpful treat. One happy driver gratefully said, “Every little bit of help we can get is really appreciated! I was literally on empty when I saw you guys. This is so cool!” Overall, the Helpful Honda team was able to provide complimentary gas to nearly 180 drivers over the long weekend!

We hope you all enjoyed the start of the fun-filled summer as much as we did! Make sure you follow the SoCal Honda Dealers on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to find out what fun things we have in store for the rest of summer and to reach out to us to ask for help. Stay tuned for free Ice Cream and other summer fun!