This February, rather than airing a commercial during football’s biggest game of the year, we decided to turn everyone else’s ads into a game of our own: the “Helpful Bowl.” For every advertising cliché shown during a commercial (like celebrities, talking animals, dancing, and babies, just to name a few), we donated money to Boys & Girls Clubs in Southern California! We also encouraged viewers to play along by filling out scorecards, and with each submission we donated even more money. With the help of over 100 local pizza shops we created pizza boxes with scorecards that brought the game to even more people who could play along and join our goal of helping raise money. At the end of the night, we donated over $300,000 to Boys & Girls Clubs in Southern California!

The helpfulness continued with love. On Valentine’s Day, we took the pressure off of cupid and handed out thousands of complimentary red roses all over SoCal! Each rose was uniquely tagged with a sweet personal message – from “Let’s Be Rose Buds” to “A Rose for You From the Folks in Blue.” We visited surprise locations, including senior citizen homes, non-profit organizations, college campuses, shopping areas and more! “Thanks for bringing happiness to our center, we did not expect the visit, and this made us all very happy,” a woman from Montclair Royale Senior Living said. A student from UC Riverside was also so taken aback that she told us, “This is so sweet I want to cry. Are you really going to give me a rose?!”

To make Valentine’s Day even more special, we made a stop at George’s Cucina in Glendale, and surprised couples by paying for their romantic dinner! We also helped Chino Hills resident Johnny with the ultimate proposal to longtime girlfriend, Wendy. With a movie theater filled with our Guys in Blue, close family and friends, Johnny was able to pull off asking the big question, with a little help from us. We brought cake, food, a custom photo-booth and hired an engagement photographer to capture all the heart-warming moments. She said yes, by the way!

So what’s next for us? Random Acts of Helpfulness continue into the month of March as we host our 6th annual Helpful Honda Pet Adoptions with local shelters and rescue groups in Long Beach, Riverside, Van Nuys, and Ventura. We’re bringing adorable and adoptable pets, a fun pet-photo booth, complimentary leashes, water bowls and doggy bags, and even free dog washes (at select locations). Visit our event page to find out where we’ll be:
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