Roses are red, we’re the Guys in Blue, and this past Valentine’s Day, we had a helpful surprise just for you!

The SoCal Honda Dealers blanketed the southland in complimentary red roses once again!  The Guys in Blue visited senior homes, fire stations, court houses, and special Valentine’s Day events in an effort to spread the love to elders, students, couples, singles, and children all across Southern California!

From the LA Marathon finish line in Santa Monica and an animal control center in San Bernardino to the Senior Sweethearts Dance in Pasadena and senior homes around the southland, the Blue Cupids helped thousands of people get in the loving spirit by surprising them with individual long-stemmed roses.  People visiting their loved-ones at senior homes were so touched by our sweet surprise, stating, “It means so much to see you guys here visiting my mom. I really love this, it’s very sweet.  Thank you!” and “My mother loves her rose; I can’t get her to put it down.”

The Helpful Honda Guys also surprised children and staff at a local elementary school. “Thank you so much for stopping by our school, we hope to see you again soon!” They also helped a few significant others stay out of hot water: “My girl is going to be so happy with me! This rose is gonna start out my Valentine’s Day weekend right. You all just saved me some work!”

Whether our rose was re-gifted as a token of friendship – “I’ll take this and give it to a friend who is finishing the marathon. She’ll love it!” – or kept as a symbol of love – “Oh thank you so very much. This is my first Valentine’s Day gift,” – we were happy to help make the day extra special for everyone.

Spreading love across the southland is just one of many ways the SoCal Honda Dealers are being helpful. What’s next? Stop, paws, and let us help you find your new best friend. We’re spreading love to our four-legged friends by hosting Helpful Honda Pet Adoption events throughout the month of March! Already have a furry companion? Drop by for complimentary grooming or sit, stay, and smile for a photo in our photo booth. For a list of upcoming dates and locations, ‘Like’ us on and follow us on Twitter at @HelpfulHonda.