For Father’s Day weekend, the SoCal Honda Dealers wanted to treat dads to something better than another “World’s Greatest Dad” coffee mug and helped them enjoy something a little more unique, that just happened to result in a lot less scruff.

For the first time ever, the SoCal Honda Dealers hosted Helpful Honda Pop-Up Shave Stations for dads during the Father’s Day weekend. Lucky dads were surprised with an unexpected spa treatment of free straight razor shaves and haircuts!  The Guys in Blue helped dads after the gym – “I’m feeling really good right now; I just worked out and my face is silky smooth!” – and dads celebrating with their families at local community parks – “I can’t believe you are giving out free shaves in the park; this is spectacular!” Straight razor shaves are a perfect treat for men, and not many get to experience it for themselves – “I’m 64 years old and I’ve never had a straight razor shave before!”

The Helpful Honda Pop-Up Shave Stations were definitely a helpful surprise during Father’s Day weekend, a special holiday that is often overlooked. “I feel like moms get all of the special treatment, but no one ever knows what to get their dad. This is a real treat and the perfect gift!”

How else are we helping? This SoCal summer has been a scorcher, and the SoCal Honda Dealers know how to help residents cool off: free ice cream! The Helpful Guys are making surprise stops at local parks, community events, senior homes, volunteer organizations, and more to hand out complimentary ice cream from the Helpful Honda Ice Cream Truck. The Guys in Blue can show up to your event too! Having a birthday party, a family reunion, a company picnic, or just want to cool down with a tasty treat? Let us know where we can meet you, and we may bring some ice cream your way. Leave us a message at, post a comment on or tweet us at with your event details, and we may just show up!