It’s back to school time! As the Southern California Helpful Honda Dealers, we want to wish everyone an exciting and safe transition back to school. And what better way to boost enthusiasm for learning than complimentary books? We had the opportunity to give over 2,000 books to local children at deserving schools in the Southern California area including Corona, Anaheim, Riverside, San Fernando, and Whittier.

We started our week out bright and early at Jefferson Elementary in Corona and surprised every student with their very own book, which catered to their reading level. We stamped each students’ book so they could write their names inside the books’ covers and call it theirs forever! The thoughtfully selected books ranged from picture books to chapter books and books written in Spanish. A touched faculty member exclaimed, “You even have Spanish books?! You guys are incredible!” What’s more, every student received a pencil case, including a pen, pencil, eraser, and other school supplies, to further their eagerness to read and write!

Wide smiles surrounded the crowded lunchrooms at Orange Grove Elementary in Anaheim as students and teachers alike marveled at the new books. An experienced faculty member gushed, “I just wanted to personally thank you as the oldest worker at this school. You are [making] everyone so happy.” One principal agreed, “The kids are absolutely in love with their books! Thank you so much. You don’t know how much this means to some of them.” We loved seeing the happiness and joy sparked through our acts of helpfulness! We finished out our first week at Sunnyslope Elementary in Riverside where the students couldn’t be more excited to have their very own books, “Thank you Honda people for my book. I like books!” said one exuberant 1st grader.

Just one week back in school, the students and teachers at Morningside Elementary in San Fernando couldn’t believe their eyes, “Oh my god, I nominated our school for this, and I had no idea you were coming! This is amazing!!” And finally, we surprised over 300 Orange Grove Elementary students in Whittier. One dedicated teacher said, “Bringing joy to these kids makes me so happy. Thank you for making it happen.” What a great way to end our book drive!

As the Southern California Helpful Guys in Blue, we pride ourselves on assisting in any way we can, and book giveaways are only the beginning! Let us know if you or someone you know could appreciate a Random Act of Helpfulness! We’d love to put a smile on your face by being helpful! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to discover other ways we are helpful in the community. Or to request a Random Act of Helpfulness, head to We look forward to helping you soon!

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