This year began with 45 floats, 5 ½ miles, 45,000 donated roses*, and over 2,500 complimentary blue Snuggies from the SoCal Honda Dealers at the 125th Annual Rose Parade!

As thousands of people lined Colorado Blvd. on New Year’s Eve to reserve their spots for this year’s, ‘Dreams Come True! Rose Parade’ the Guys in Blue arrived early to hand out truck-loads of blue Snuggie blankets to keep campers warm overnight. Some campers had been reserving their spot since noon, and weren’t prepared for temperatures that dipped into the 40’s:

“I would’ve frozen tonight if it weren’t for you!”
“I love how you’re always in the right place at the right time!”

Passing out blue Snuggies is an annual Act of Helpfulness for the Guys in Blue on New Year’s Eve, and some of those who keep a tradition of camping out for the Rose Parade even recognized the blue polos from previous years:

“I was hoping you guys would come back this year!”
“I still have my Snuggie from last year!”

For first-timers, Team Helpful’s arrival was a welcome surprise:

“I didn’t know you were actually real!”
“This is such a great idea!”

2014 marks the 8th year of Helpfulness for the SoCal Honda Dealers & this year they look forward to helping in many more ways throughout the southland. What does a usual week of Helpful look like? Keep an eye out for Guys in Blue treating Honda driver to free gas, picking up litter all around town, bringing lunch to firefighters, hosting pet adoptions, giving away helpful umbrellas on rainy days, and much more.

Why? It’s just their job to be helpful. To find out how the Guys in Blue are being helpful in 2014 and to request other helpful acts in your community, send us a message on Twitter at @HelpfulHonda  or Facebook at

Happy Helpful 2014!

* *