Happy Honda Days are here and the Guys in Blue have been spreading holiday cheer all throughout Southern California! On Thanksgiving, Helpful Teams were spotted outside and around malls and shopping centers in Burbank, West Hollywood, Los Feliz, Costa Mesa, Riverside, and more. What were they there for? The shoppers of course! Black Friday customers in long lines were greeted with helpful shopping fuel in the form of coffee and mints, not just for Honda drivers, but for everyone in line! And just in time for some people!

“Are you kidding me? You guys are amazing. I was just saying how much I could go for a coffee right now and you walked over. Nice!”

“We’ve been here for hours; this coffee will give me the energy to shop like crazy. Thanks!”

In addition, after rejuvenating all the shoppers in line, the Helpful Guys also stuck around to help load cars and scout for parking spots for new shoppers just pulling in.

“This is so cool of you to be out here!”

“Thank you for helping me park my car. With all this craziness, it’s so easy not to pay attention and get into an accident!”

“With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s nice to see Honda in the community spreading the holiday spirit!”

And that’s only the start of these holidays. Coffee and mints are just one way the SoCal Honda Dealers are being helpful. From Thanksgiving all the way through Christmas, the Helpful Honda Guys have been rolling across Southern California with not one, but TWO big, helpful tanker trucks, featuring the classic animated characters from the current Happy Honda Days commercials, and dispensing thousands of gallons of free gas for Honda drivers.

One happy shopper quipped, “Why can’t I just put one of you in my pocket for whenever I need help?” Unfortunately, we don’t think anyone will fit, but the next best way to keep up with the Guys in Blue and where they will be next during the #HelpfulHolidays, ‘Like’ our Facebook page and ‘Follow’ us on Twitter @HelpfulHonda.